Four ways to relieve tailbone pain

Has your tailbone been feeling a little sore lately? If it has, do not push it aside. Ignoring this soreness may end up causing you pain or discomfort when you are sitting down. 

Tailbone soreness or pain is an easy fix with the right kind of treatment from the best physical therapy clinics Omaha teams. Our team wants to share four ways on how to relieve tailbone pain at home or with professional help. 

The purpose of your tailbone

The tailbone is also known as the coccyx. It is located at the bottom of the triangular arrangement of bone called the sacrum. The purpose of your tailbone is to provide balance and stability when you are sitting down. Also, it is the connecting point for your pelvic floor muscles. 

Why does your tailbone hurt? 

The first step to relieving your tailbone pain is finding the cause of it. Your tailbone might cause you pain or discomfort due to an injury, sitting for prolonged periods, degenerative joint changes or childbirth. 

What can cause an injury in the tailbone? Trauma, childbirth or repetitive straining may cause an injury to your tailbone. If you believe you have an injury on your tailbone, see a professional to get an x-ray or CT scan done.

However, if your tailbone was not injured recently, your pain might have resulted from sitting for too long. When you sit in one position for a long period of time, it could end up tilting or misaligning your tailbone. This could add pressure on your pelvic muscles and result in discomfort or severe pain. 

How to relieve tailbone pain

Fixing your posture 

One easy way to relieve and prevent tailbone pain is by fixing your posture. Having bad posture puts too much pressure on your tailbone, which may result in causing you pain. You can improve your posture by sitting correctly in a chair with your back against the back of the chair and feet flat on the floor. 


If you have fixed your posture and still suffer from tailbone pain, try stretching. Doing some stretching exercises or yoga can help to relieve tension in that hard-to-reach area. Experts recommend doing stretches that help with balance and alignment

Spinal manipulation

A misaligned tailbone can cause you serious pain. It results in irritating the nerves and tissues surrounding your tailbone. You can solve this misalignment with spinal manipulation or adjustment. A chiropractor will realign your tailbone to reduce that pressure

Physical therapy 

Another effective way to relieve and prevent tailbone pain is by seeing a PT at your favorite physical therapy clinics Omaha locations. A physical therapist can help give you therapeutic exercises that help reduce the muscle tightness around your tailbone. Also, they can help reduce the pain in your tailbone with mobilization techniques. 

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