Updated: Tips to avoid overeating this holiday

No matter what you celebrate during the holiday season, there is one thing that can never go missing - that is food! Food brings together people during the holidays. Although this year might be slightly different due to the pandemic, food will still play an essential role in our lives.

It is difficult to say no to all these sweet temptations, from sugary Christmas cookies to holiday-themed coffees. Learning not to overeat and make healthy choices from a nutritional counseling Omaha NE professional can help you avoid health problems in the future. 

How overeating affects your body

There is nothing wrong with eating. However, eating too much can affect your body’s performance and health. That is why it is essential to listen to your body and become aware of correct portion sizes. Overeating can cause you these adverse side effects

  • Increased risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes

  • Not knowing when you are full

  • Feel nauseous

  • Increase bloating 

  • Make you sleepy and sluggish

Tips to prevent overeating during the holidays

Drink enough water

Everyone needs water. How much water you actually drink depends on your habits. Some people drink the recommended amount of water. At the same time, others forget to even drink a couple of glasses of water. 

Not staying hydrated can lead to overeating. Your brain could cause you to feel hungry and guide you to eating more. To avoid eating too much, make sure you are getting enough water throughout the day. 

Get a good night’s sleep

The holidays might not always be so jolly with many work deadlines, end of the year expenses and extra shopping trips. This holiday stress could leave you feeling overwhelmed and having sleepless nights. Not getting enough sleep can lead to overeating

Studies have shown lack of sleep leads to an increase in your chances of overeating and craving unhealthy food choices. Insufficient sleep causes your body’s hormones that control hunger to increase and decreases the hormone that controls your sense to feel full. Adults should get the recommended seven to nine hours of required sleep

Make healthy choices before big holiday meals

Holiday meals have a higher calorie count than everyday meals. Before you stuff your face with turkey and mashed potatoes, eat something with fewer calories. Some low-calorie dishes include salads and soups.

You can trick your body into consuming less high-calorie foods by eating something with low calories. Thus, you can still enjoy holiday meals without overeating. And you don’t have to worry about gaining extra weight during the holidays.

Healthy snacks

One of the important tips to prevent overeating is skipping out on the sugar cookies and brownies. Eating overly sugary snacks throughout your day could cause you to gain that holiday weight. Your body will keep asking you for more food because consuming too much sugar causes you to stay hungry. Instead of reaching out for processed snacks, eat fruit, vegetables or nuts! 

Need nutritional counseling Omaha NE service? 

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