Top 6 chiropractic tips for better posture

If you suffer from back pain, there’s always something you can do about it – straighten up. Working towards dealing with bad posture habits is one of the best things you can do for your spine and overall health of your body. Here are a few chiropractic tips from our Thrive Wellness Omaha experts for better posture. 

Focus on awareness

The first step towards a healthy posture is becoming aware of your body movements such as how you stand, sit, walk and move. Throughout the day, pay attention to your neck and spine. Keep track of how often you crane or slouch your neck


You cannot achieve better posture without strong muscles to help you. Start by building strength in the muscles with exercises such as sit-ups and planks. These muscles will help you practice different ways of moving, sitting, walking and standing. Strengthening these muscles also gives your chiropractic adjustments more mileage for better alignment.

Improve your sitting posture

A Thrive Wellness Omaha professional advises that while sitting, ensure your feet touch the floor. Get a sofa or chair that offers adequate support for your back but still maintains a comfortable spinal position. You should also avoid crossing your legs and leaning forward.

Improve your sleeping posture

Sleeping on your stomach negatively affects your spine. Therefore, consider sleeping on your back or side to limit pain. Besides, get a comfortable pillows and mattress that offers support for  your head and neck. The American Chiropractic Association recommends an extra pillow under your knees for individuals who sleep on their back or side

Improve your standing posture

The ultimate goal here is to achieve a neutral spine. You should put more weight on the balls of the feet and bend your knees a bit. Be used to standing straight with your shoulders leaning back. Also, ensure you shift your weight occasionally from one foot to the other. 

Visit a chiropractor

A chiropractor in Omaha can recommend exercises designed to help your posture and strengthen the core. Chiropractors can also make suggestions for improving the ergonomics of your home or office.

Why should I care about my posture? Posture can help reduce pain in your body, it helps your muscles work properly, reducing muscle fatigue and pain. Another reason why you should care about your posture is because it can affect your overall health. It may be news to you, but headaches and poor posture go hand in hand. Your head is connected to your spine and the nerves in your spine are being strained with poor posture. 

The benefits of visiting a chiropractor are endless. It’s one of those things where you go, then think to yourself, “why haven’t I gone my whole life?” Did you just spend a lot of money on a new bed and you are still having trouble sleeping? Chiropractors can help with that too! They focus on certain points in your body triggering your nervous system to relax. This can result in a better nights sleep. 

The Thrive Wellness Omaha residents trust will treat you with specialized techniques to adjust and align your body. Dr. Wisniewski can help you live a pain-free life while promoting prevention rate than treatment. Book your appointment today.